How to Be a Hand Surgeon

A Hand Surgeon requires to have a medical degree and has specialised in either Orthopaedic Surgery or Plastic Surgery. Finally they have undergone fellowship in related Hand centers overseas between 6 months to 1 year. Some even may undergo for several fellowships.

How to Be a Hand Surgeon in Malaysia

There are 3 pathways that have been undertaken by four Hand Surgeons here in Malaysia. The first pathway was those who had qualified with FRCS(General Surgery) and went to do their Fellowship overseas. This pathway has been substituted with the MRCS followed by FRCS in General, Plastic and Orthopeadic Surgery, then only with the Fellowship overseas.

The second pathway undertaken is those who have obtained their Speciality Training in Orthopeadic or Plastic Surgery whether locally or overseas and on to the Fellowship training.

The third pathway undertaken by our Health Ministry Hand Surgeon candidates is total of 3 year Fellowship upon completion of their Orthopaedic Specialist where they will be placed in Hand Centers in the country and include a overseas Fellowship stint.

How to Be a Hand Surgeon